Millbrook Brilliance Deluxe 1700 - Super King (6' x 6'6")

£ 899.53
The Millbrook Brilliance Pocket Mattress is ideal if you are looking for a night of comfort and support and providing a restful nights sleep Waking in the morning fully relaxed ready for the day aheadThere are up to 1700 pocket springs that are enclosed individually in a cotton pocket Each spring works individually and therefore gives the right support to each person If two people are sharing the bed they will each have individual support applicable to their needs Pocket springs also help to reduce any roll together or movement on one side of the bed affecting a person sharing the bed The spring system has been designed so that you can sleep up to the very edge of the mattressFurther fillings are included these include pure new wool and natural cotton giving that extra comfort that is so necessaryThe Mattress is finished with a soft cotton cover with two rows of stitching around the sides together with soft tufts to secure the fillings Handles are also sewn onto the sides to help with turning This should be carried out at regular intervals to protect itIt is 24cm deep with a medium or firm feel and is made in the UK to the National Bed Federations code of practice