Mammoth Performance 220 Mattress - Firm

£ 799.00
Introducing the Mammoth Performance 220 mattress a pioneering mattress that has been developed in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients Association to provide your back and neck with the most comfortable nights sleep This will make sure you wake up refreshed every single morning and with free 24 hour delivery that perfect nights sleep could be yours quicker than you thinkThe mattress is made from Medical Grade Foam which provides the best possible spinal support and its unique Tencel cover allows the mattress to maintain breathability meaning you will at no point become overheated The mattress maintains its shape allowing you to sleep in maximum comfort In addition the mattress handmade in the UK comes with a 10 years limited guarantee should you encounter any problemsMemory foam mattresses were initially developed for NASA space missions as they would not distort upon reentering the atmosphere They have now become the best option for sleeping in the most comfort and the Medical Grade Foam used in the 220 mattress is quickly becoming a market leader