Relyon Contract Support Hotel Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 699.74
The Reylon Contract Support Mattress is a must buy if you want to sleep with the utmost support as it is the firmest mattress available in the Reylon Contract rangeAn extra firm mattress brings a variety of health benefits encouraging optimal alignment of the spine and ensuring even weight distribution allowing you to have a deeply restorative and comfortable sleepThe support is down to a lambswool layer within perfect for insulating body heat and a combination layer of cotton and white fibre for extra comfort Firmer springs around the perimeter of the mattress and three rows of side stitching allow you to spread across the whole of the mattress with ease The mattress is hotel standard with the cover being made from luxurious Belgian Damask cotton and a hypoallergenic layer making it perfect for allergy sufferersTo combine orthopaedic support with total comfort purchase a Reylon Contract mattress today