PARANORMAL Investigation

When it comes to the paranormal, dealing with the unknown can be frightening and disturbing for all concerned, and it may leave many questions unanswered. My team and I are here to help you put your haunting to rest, if that’s what you require. Alternatively, you may like living with your apparitions but want to know more about the their story. Either way, our keen interest and experience can help you understand more about “life on the other side.”

All hauntings have a story to tell. In every single case that I have dealt with, a haunting has arisen from a tragic event, and that tragedy has kept the ghost earth bound. Most apparitions/ghosts just want their story to be heard and they are also looking for a resolution to solve their pain be it emotional or physical.
Some ghosts don’t know they are dead and that can come as a shock to them when you communicate with them and inform them of this fact! So, as in life with a troubled person, we treat all hauntings with respect and sympathy for both parties. We do not goad or threaten. We may not like the actions of the ghost when he/she was alive but we are not here to judge anyone, be they alive or dead. We try and find an amicable balance that is in the best interest for both the living and the ghost.
I have over 25 years’ experience in dealing with the paranormal, both as an individual and as part of a small team of investigators. My team all have different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common which is a love and curiosity about all things supernatural. As a team we draw on the use of modern technology to help us witness paranormal encounters and also the use of our psychic/mediumship skills to communicate. We have a dedicated researcher and historian who will investigate and research the history and the ghost’s stories after we have visited you. We do not use parlour games such as table tipping and Ouija tables to impress or frighten. We are a down to earth team who are here to help you with your paranormal problem.

Have you experienced any of the following within or without your home or business? If you have experienced any of these things, then there may well be a paranormal explanation:

  • Unexplained drops in temperature or the house never gets warm
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Objects being moved
  • Unexplained irrational fear
  • Seeing unexplained shadows out of the corner of your eye
  • Feeling like something has just touched you or brushed past you
  • Do you hear your children/babies/toddlers talking to someone and then when you appear there is no one there?
  • Have you ever woken up and seen someone standing over you?
  • Have you ever been dragged down or felt unexplained pressure on your body while you are in bed?
  • Your electricity or water supply behaving in a weird manner despite them being given the all clear after being checked by the relevant experts.
  • Your pets being scared of going into various parts of the house or howling etc. for no apparent reason.
  • Smells that appear from no where without a logical explanation
  • Your name being called or hearing voices for no reason

If you witness any of these events, it would help if you could make some sort of diary record. Note times /dates /weather conditions. Try to make a photographic or video record or even make a sketch of what you have seen. Note any smells or mists that can’t be explained. Note the length of time the phenomena lasts for. All these things may help to establish a pattern of how or what is happening.

A little about me and the Paranormal

For as long as I can remember I have always been aware of ghosts, spirit and the paranormal. As a child I used to see things and was aware that the rest of my family didn’t. I learnt at a very early age that it was best not to say anything for fear of being called a liar or being accused of trying to scare people!  As I entered my teenage years, I blocked any psychic abilities from my mind as it was difficult enough trying to deal with been a teenager as well as being this freaky person who saw dead people!!!!

I became re-acquainted with the psychic side of life in my mid twenties. I saw an acquaintance who had committed suicide looking through a window at me. I knew he was still troubled and needed to come to terms with, and put right things from his past.
We had several conversations, and eventually, with the help of a friend, we were able to help him pass to the other side


As a result of this experience, my interest with the paranormal became a lot stronger. Since that moment I have found that helping troubled spirits pass over very rewarding. Dead or alive, we all deserve to have the best professional help possible in coming to terms with our problems and our actions. I provide a discreet, professional service to you as a client and your ghost to help move your lives on to a new journey without fear.

Explanations of categories of Hauntings

Are ghosts and spirits one and the same?

Ghosts are earth bound whereas spirits can pass between the realms. Spirits can take on an energy form that can appear ghostly.
Some visitations are from family members checking that all is well. I class these as transient visitations.

Other terms:

• PHANTOMS – these resemble the living and are perceived as such until they walk through a wall or disappear.

• APPARATIONS – Clearly seen as ghosts and can be divided into sub categories:

1. Atmospheric ghosts – also known as residual or replay hauntings. Only seen in one location and repeating the same action at the same time. Generally attached to a traumatic event. These ghosts are non-interactive and it is an etheric video recording that clicks into action.
2. Crisis or deathbed ghosts – Appear to family and friends around the time of death. These help the dying and deceased come to terms with what is happening and help their transition into the after-life and they provide comfort.
3. Family Ghosts – Ghosts of family coming to warn the living of something major (good or bad)
4. Haunted Objects – A ghost attached to an object. For example, tribal death mask brought from abroad together with it unwelcome spiritual guests!
5. Object Apparitions – Manifestations of ghostly items.
(jewels, swords etc.)
6. Photographic Apparitions -_ Ghosts that are invisible to the naked eye but seen in photos as a shadow person. Includes orbs, vortexes, ectoplasm etc.
7. Historical Apparition – These can be broken down into 2 categories (a) same as atmospheric but in period dress and non-interactive (b) Interactive ghost and can be seen as a phantom
8. Recurring Apparition – Ghosts that are on a particular time schedule, appearing at the anniversary of their death.
9. Modern Apparitions – same as Historical Category but the ghost is within our life time.
10. Transportation Apparitions – When there has been a tragic accident and the wreckage can be seen usually as an omen of misfortune e.g. the Flying Dutchman
11. Out of body Apparition – A living person being seen in another location other than the one they are in (commonly known as astral travelling )
12. Battlefield Apparitions – also known as floating battlefields resembling the act of war.
13. Grey Ladies – ghosts of women who have died in sadness because of an act of betrayal or love.

• Classic Hauntings – These are interactive and can be of phantom or apparition.

• Graveyard Spectres – Also known as shells or shades and they are generally the energy of the newly buried and are seen as shadowy forms and are technically non-interactive.

• Poltergeist – German for “noisy ghosts”. Generally related to teenagers. These are low entities that prey off the hormone and energy change in children. They can be violent and throw things (the only form of spirit that can physically harm you!)

• Manufactured Haunting – This is a difficult haunting to explain. It is not the run of the mill. The manufactured haunting can be a form of poltergeist activity but without the low entity. If you have had some sort of trauma and you have internalised your emotions, at some point that emotional energy can erupt in some form or another causing unexplained phenomena to happen. For example, seeing shadows, objects moving, the family feeling they are being watched. The power of thought, sadness and anger can be an amazing source of energy manifestation.

Not all hauntings are as they first appear. We have gone to reported paranormal problems, only to find logical explanations for the phenomena.
These have ranged from faulty electrics / household equipment to devious neighbours and unseen animal activity within the house. Fear can be a fertile fuel for the overactive imagination.
When something is not tangible, it can be scary. We always complete a questionnaire with you and look for the logical and more earthly explanations first!

As well as hauntings, we also deal with places that have been used for satanic or black magic rituals.
I also treat those that have used the black arts in their past and are having lasting effects
from what they have witnessed and practised, with a mixture of counselling and healing.

So, if you would like our team to investigate or you would like to talk to us about your paranormal activity, then please ring or send an email.

Please note that there is a charge for our services.