All sessions last 2 hours and you will get a transcript of the session. You will remember what you have seen and what was said. If you find any part of the regression frightening or you don’t want to go through the death experience then you will view it as an observer

2 hour session …….. £70.00

‘Each of us is immortal .. our souls live forever’

Brian Weiss


Have you ever had that feeling when you have met someone for the first time that you have an instant knowing about that person , positive or negative. Or, you may have a feeling that you have a visited a place before? This is indicative of a previous life with that person or place.
We carry forward throughout our present life past cellular memory of our past reincarnation(s). We can learn new skills or hone our present skills throughout our past lives, or we can carry forward traumatic experiences, such as a violent death, loss of loved ones, being party to a tragic event, or troubled relationships may be left in a state of conflict and are unresolved. All these issues can be carried forward into your present life and can be detrimental. Past life regression therapy can uncover these past issues and allow you to deal with them so your present life can move forward without past issues holding you back. Or it can help you move forward with the positive strengths.
In Past life regression, I will regress you back to a time and place were the life time you need to look at will be activated. This is done under hypnosis with a form of guided imagery until you reach a state of deep relaxation where you access your deep sub-conscious. I, as a therapist will guide you through that life time via questions, (you will be able to talk to me throughout the experience) As we move through your life, we look at significant events that have occurred in your past life right through to your death. After death I take you through a life review where we explore the purpose of that life time. What lessons were learned, relationships, soul groups that you have met, etc. We examine them together and establish what bearing that life may have had on your present life time.
By re-experiencing the key events of that past life and reprocessing them it helps bring closure to the events and emotional ties to that lifetime, allowing you to move forward.

‘You are not here by accident or by some coincidence of nature, you are a spiritual being learning lessons of love in this earth school’

Brian Weiss

I have been a Past Life Regression Therapist for the last 12 years and have witnessed many past lives that have all helped the client move forward. I have been through many of my past lives and each one has helped me understand my present life and the choices I have made and the relationships I have formed.
Past life regression therapy is becoming accepted as a mainstream therapy and is useful as a therapeutic tool for those that want to expand their life experience ,draw upon their inner wisdom and connect with loved ones from across the ages.