PSYCHIC Development

We use our intuition every day, we know when things are right or wrong .We are guided by a strong sense of we just know!

By listening to our daily speak we are using our psychic abilities to help us through our daily life –it’s as simple as that we are all psychic.

The psychic development courses are to help you as an individual develop and strengthen those natural psychic abilities we all have. Every-one develops at their own speed within the group but you will be supported by each other. The topics the psychic development group will explore are, working with your spirit guides , divination(card reading ,crystal ball reading) ,scrying, psychometry, dowsing, mediumship, angels, aura reading, elementals, paranormal, Ouija board, automatic writing, seances and much much more.

‘The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant .We created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift’

Albert Einstein

Learning to work with the spirit world opens us up to a great new adventure ,to a realm that is full of magic. It also eliminates our fear of death and birth. Through working with spirit you will never be alone again ( spirit do have their downtimes as well ,so they won’t be viewing everything you do !!!) They open up new dimensions to us and awaken our creative imagination and intuition, filling our lives with new wonders and possibilities. Whether you want to work full time with spirit as a tarot reader, a medium, paranormal investigator or you just have a curiosity about the spirit realm come along to a group and meet like-minded people and have fun while learning to interact with spirit .