30 minute Reading: £20.00
A general reading that will indicate the issues that will arise over the next 3-6 months. It will reveal a dominant theme, love, work, family etc. It will indicate the sort of challenges that are likely to arise and provide suggestions on dealing with them in the most effective manner.

60 minute In-depth Reading: £40.00
This is a more in depth reading than the 30mins where we can expand and clarify your query. I will use clarification cards to look at the matter in a more in-depth way.


People choose to come for readings for a reason; family issues, relationships, career, personal development, life choices to name but a few. What-ever issues that you may come with, they are important to you and I will always be respectful of you and your choices. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which path is the best for you. The Tarot or Angel cards will show you what can happen if you stay on your present course and can also possibly show you different paths to follow, but ultimately the cards are just a guide and it is up to you to do what you will with the information the cards provide. As a trained counsellor I will help you put that information you receive into perspective and if you wish we can discuss the best action you can take on that particular issue the cards have shown you.

I am a Tarot card reader with over 30 years’ experience, who, while giving a card reading may draw upon other psychic skills to help you as a client move forward, (e.g. a message from a loved one that has passed over, reading your aura, looking at your soul purpose.) All readings are confidential and no two readings are alike. Each one is tailored to your requirements. You may feel a mixture of the Tarot, Soul or Angel Cards will help you or just one type of card reading. The choice is yours.


Try not to have any pre-conceived ideas about what may or may not happen in a reading or who from the other-side might come through. The right message will be delivered for you at that particular time.

You will be asked to select the pack of cards you are drawn to.

You will then shuffle the cards and think of your questions or, you may just think about what is the general feel of your life.

I will ask you to either split the pack into 3 and you will choose a smaller pack, or to pick 10 cards from anywhere in the pack.

I will then place the cards in a particular layout and will interpret the overall situation, going back and using the other cards to clarify the situation.

You may record your readings by using a Dictaphone or notes but I do not provide a recording.


Readings are in the strictest confidence between sitter and reader.

All readings are done on a one to one basis, unless there has been a prior arrangement for a second person to attend.

Card readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not to take the place of financial, legal or medical advice.

Readings are not knowingly given to the under 18’s

All fees will be agreed prior to the reading

In the rare event a reader is unable to read your cards the client will be immediately informed and will not be charged for the session.

Your reading will unfold in the next 6 months onwards. To maintain perspective, repeat readings are not given to the same person within a 6 month period.


Why not do something different? With a group of friends you can have a Psychic party either in your home, village hall, or even at the Natural Intuition Therapy centre. For a girlie get together, hen party etc. you can have an evening of card readings, psychometry (readings done from your Photos, bits of jewellery etc) and demonstration of psychic skills. Or you could hire me and a carefully selected team for a whole day of psychic fun. Learn about readings, past life regression and how to use your own psychic abilities! Please ring Bridget for details and prices 07800998294