My family and I, young and old, have been visiting Bridget on and off for over ten years. She has been brilliant at dealing with sporting injuries, sudden back complaints and children’s poor walking habits as well as with a very long standing shoulder injury which no one had been able to treat successfully before. She will tell you when she thinks you are better and only suggest you return for another appointment if it is thought really necessary. Bridget is a lovely person to visit. She is kind, interesting and caring and we are very glad to have found her.


I would like to say a big thank you to Bridget for sorting the problem with my back, my lower back improved a great deal after having a massage. On Friday morning when I woke up the area worked on felt tender and slightly painful but nothing to concern me. However, by later in the day the whole area felt ever so much better. I was able to, move around with ease rather than in pain and was after one session.


For me personally, Craniosacral Therapy has been a lifeline for my daughter over the last couple of years. When conventional medical treatment had nothing to offer, and only served to make her condition tolerable, and doctors had given up trying to help, one of the few treatments that has given her a reasonable relief from the pressure of her glue ear has been Craniosacral Therapy. Thank you so much for your help Bridget.


This is just a note to express my thanks. I am having therapy with Bridget and wanted to say that the sessions are really helping to me understand how to deal with my anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Bridget is very helpful and compassionate and helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems on a day-to-day basis. She has also taught me the skills to disregard my negative thought patterns effectively and I am very grateful for the support, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult period in my life. I am so pleased I found Natural Intuition and Bridget she really is a lifeline in my life.



I have been to Bridget many times for a reading. To begin with I was nervous and didn’t truly believe in it. However, on the very first reading Bridget did for me, after I wrote it all down so I could remember it, and everything she told me that would happen did. I mean everything. I then went back for a second time and third and fourth. Her tarot psychic has really helped me through some tough times in my life and helped me make sense of it. I would recommend Bridget to anyone who wants a reading done. Her accuracy is truly amazing and correct every single time, she makes you feel at ease and is a wonderful person to trust.

I have been attending the psychic development course for a few years now. Bridget has helped me to meditate and explore my spiritual journey, in a safe and comfortable environment. I have previously attended other groups, whose knowledge has been very limited, (unless they personally liked the subject!) Bridget’s knowledge base is astonishing! Her teachings are both informative and fun!! She encourages us to explore new experiences, even when it is out of our comfort zone! I would have never realised my potential, especially in Psychometery if it hadn’t been for Bridget. She is one amazing lady!




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