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I have always been interested in the mind, body and soul connection. Throughout my life, I found that people were drawn to me, and found it easy to talk. I realised that I was naturally empathetic.

Starting out in the adult world, I initially trained as a Cordon Bleu chef. I have always enjoyed (and still do enjoy) cooking but I found it was not the right life career choice for me. This realization was compounded by a chronic back injury sustained in my teenage years, which required on going treatments of Osteopathy and Massage. In fact, the Osteopath who put me back together, continues to keep me going to this day!

I had enrolled on a Person Centred counselling and psychotherapy degree course while still working part time in catering and hospitality.

I was subsequently persuaded to give up the catering and concentrate on counselling.

During my treatments of Osteopathy and massage I became interested in bodywork. Consequently, I trained in remedial, holistic, sports, Aromatherapy massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I became more fascinated by the body / mind link as my career progressed and working with counselling and physical therapies together produced amazing results for my clients.

Seeking out a way to stop smoking led me to Hypnotherapy. It worked! I was further convinced of its’ efficacy, by the example of one of my own clients. He had experienced crippling pain from a injury sustained years previously. The actual injury had cleared up but the trauma was still producing false symptoms of pain. He went to a Hypnotherapist who “switched off the pain”. I was so impressed by the pain management side, I enrolled in ‘The Dominic Berne School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.’ It opened up another dynamic to my therapy. It is important to stress that, in order for this therapy to be effective, the subject must have the desire to change their life.

So that’s the therapy side of my life and I enjoy getting up every day and going to work!

My other passion is all things Spiritual and Paranormal.
As a child I always saw, heard and felt unexplainable things around me. I wasn’t encouraged to talk about it by my parents and their peers, who believed it to be fantasy. Unsurprisingly, I shut it out as I didn’t want to appear “different.”
In my early 20’s it came back with a vengeance. It seemed that Spirit were not going to let me shut down again. So, as the old saying goes, “ when the student is ready the teacher comes.” I’ve had many amazing teachers throughout my life. Each one has brought a different dynamic to my Spiritual side.

I, in turn, love teaching psychic and spiritual development. I am a psychic card reader who gets messages from Spirit when reading Tarot, Angel or Soul cards.
Everyone has psychic ability and my aim is to demystify the secrecy and fear that goes with anything Spiritual. I love seeing my students flourish when they tap into their psychic abilities and start communicating with Spirit . We are never alone in this world if we choose not to be.

That’s me in a nutshell.

I love to learn and I love to work with people (alive or dead) and help them through their physical and emotional issues. I’m passionate about teaching my psychic development, self awareness and meditation so come along and try one of my classes or workshops. It could change your life! All my trainings are certified and insured and are recognised by the official training bodies of that therapy.

The Longest journey starts with a single step.

–Lao Tse



‘The longest Journey starts with a single step’

–Lao Tse

Making the decision to begin counselling and finding the right therapist to work with can be daunting and you may wonder how counselling therapy can help you.

I believe in working with you, as a client to find your own answers from within. I don’t give advice or tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing .We will work together by way of active listening and the use of various therapeutic tools. These tools you can take away with you and use after our sessions. They will help you continue towards your goals and emotionally support you as we explore your issues together. Many personal problems and traumas can lead to you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and unable to cope with life. Sometimes talking to friends and family doesn’t help as they can be too close to you and your situation. So, exploring your problems with someone who is unbiased can be more beneficial and help you work through your on- going issues. Engaging in counselling therapy can help you deal with the emotional and psychological impact of loss, rejection, betrayals, addictions, abuse, or any life altering event that has been challenging and painful . I have been a Therapeutic counsellor for 22 years and I use my Natural Intuition, inner awareness, and empathy to provide a safe place to enable you and I to work through any emotional or psychological pain that you bring to a session.

‘Change comes, not by struggling to change or by fighting and disciplining oneself, but becoming aware of what we are feeling and how we habitually act’

–Susan Edmiston

The therapeutic process of counselling allows you to start out on your own personal journey from that original painful place. You will become more self-aware and this will initiate personal change and allow you in turn to re-gain your own personal power. The positive impact of your journey is a sense of self-esteem which will lead you to a more fulfilling, healthier and happier life.

What happens within the sessions? I use a variety of counselling skills within my sessions. These will range from Person-Centred Counselling, to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, mindfulness, visualisation techniques, inner child work etc. We will work together to see what is appropriate for you and how best to help you access the answers to your issues.

What issues can I help you with?

There are many but here are some of the more common ones: Relationship / Family issues Bereavement Weight issues Addictions Work related issues Depression Stress and Anxiety I can also help with: Anger Management Panic attacks Self esteem issues Self-development.

How long are the Sessions?

The sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours depending on issues you present.

How much do they cost?

1st appointment: 90 mins £50.00
2nd appointment 60 mins £40.00

How many sessions you need depends on the type of issues you bring and we will then work out a contract to see how many sessions will be appropriate for you


Bridget has been a practising cranial sacral therapist since 2004. She first became interested in CST after having  a chronic back injury in her late teens which had not been resolved through medical intervention . She went to a CS therapist as a last resort, and to her surprise found that the therapy over several weeks had a significant effect on her mobility and pain levels . It greatly improved her quality of life. Bridget had already trained as a remedial/sports massage therapist and was looking at a more subtle way to treat her clients, as deep tissue work was sometimes too painful for them. She also felt that CST would complement her healing work.

What is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Cranial Sacral Therapy or “CST” for short, is a gentle hands on approach to body therapy. By way of a non- invasive touch the therapist will use their hands to listen to the subtle rhythms of the body. Through tuning into the body the therapist will pick up congestion, pain, areas of tension and dis-ease within the client’s body. These are sensed through the movement of Cerebrospinal fluid, the movement of the delicate joints of the cranium, the pelvic motion and through various other joints of the body. The gentle touch releases tension deep within the body to release pain and dysfunction. This in turn improves the whole body’s health and performance. CST is suitable for all ages.

These are a few of the problems I treat

Chronic neck and back pain
Chronic fatigue
Muscular problems
Sports Injuries
Stress related issues
Learning disabilities
Post-Traumatic stress
Coordination problems
Digestive problems

You can come just for relaxation. You don’t have to have a problem!


What should I expect from a treatment?

Before any session starts, I will complete a health check with you. This helps me to decide on the best way to treat you by establishing what physical or emotional problems you have. You will be asked to lie down fully clothed and I will start with light touch on different parts of the body . Most sessions will last between 40 to 60 minutes.

Everyone has a different experience of CS and no two treatments are the same! Sensations can vary from feeling heat to cold or tingling. You might just have a sense that “something” has taken place within your body despite not feeling any obvious physical effects!

The number of sessions required will depend on how acute or chronic your problems are. We work together to formulate a programme that best suits your needs. Some clients have weekly sessions till their issue has cleared up. Others have monthly or bi-monthly sessions.


1st appointment 75 mins £45.00
2nd appointment60 mins £40.00


‘Be still and know‘


Mediation brings the body and mind into a state of peace and balance, which in turn reduces stress, allowing the body to heal, and improve health.

Through the form of guided meditations you can connect into your higher self and your innate wisdom to access the answers you need to your inner most pressing questions. All my meditations are generally guided meditations. These are written by myself and are tailor made to you as a client depending on what your therapeutic requirements are. If using guided visualisation within a group situation, the group will follow a chosen topic and will meditate together. They will then form part of a discussion group after the meditation. (It is not compulsory for you to join in if you do not want to share your experiences). Techniques such as guided visualisation within the meditation process, help relax the body and the mind and allows your subconscious to become open to positive suggestions. These will take you on an inner journey to improve aspects of your life and in turn lead to positive personal change for you as a client. Inner Child Work Through meditation we can access our inner child and our negative conditioning(s) can be positively addressed. Our child within can be delightful and be seen as spontaneous, mischievous, the fun part of us! The opposite part of that inner child it the part that throws tantrums, behaves unreasonably or inappropriately During childhood you may have had trauma. Perhaps it was a childhood bereavement, some form of abuse, bullying, or the birth of a sibling. These can result in negative conditioning such as low self-esteem or a belief that you will never achieve anything. You may have feelings of worthlessness, or feelings of jealousy etc. Through meditation you can discover where the trauma started and it can be brought into the light. From there, with the help of positive suggestions and imagery, you can find the answers within yourself to deal with it. Guided Visualisation This is where I take you on a journey through your inner world via a nature based meditation to access your inner teacher/wisdom where you find answers to your own pressing questions. Spiritual Meditation A guided visualisation where you meet your guides, angels, totem animals, departed family or friends.

Chakra and colour meditation

There are seven Chakras: Base Chakra: Is situated at the base of your tail bone and corresponds to the colour red and is a links to our basic need to survive and procreate. Sacral Chakra: Is situated in the pelvic area, and corresponds to the colour orange, and is linked to sensual activities and things that you desire and awakens your emotional life. Solar plexus Chakra: Is situated in the solar plexus and corresponds to the colour yellow and Is where you feel your gut instinct and is where your will power and ethics are seated. Heart Chakra: Is situated in the heart and corresponds to either the colour green or pink. It is where you feel love and the joy of living. Throat Chakra: Is situated in the base of the throat and corresponds to the colour blue. Where you communicate from hearing and speaking. Brow chakra (known as the third eye). Is situated in the middle of your brow and corresponds to the colour indigo or purple and is where you have the connection to second sight and the ability to imagine. Crown chakra: Is situated at the top of the head and corresponds to the colour white/silver or violet and this provides the link to spirit and your higher self. If any of these chakras are out of balance from the negativity of physical or emotional issues, the flow of life and energy is interrupted and that in turn causes dysfunction and causes the body to become out of balance. So by the use of guided colour meditation we can balance up the chakras and help return your body to a state of balance. Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness meditation is being able to be unconditionally present with our thoughts. Instead of running away from our experiences, be they negative or positive, we can, through part guided and silent meditation be aware of thoughts that crop up. Instead of being involved with the “actual feeling”, you just observe it, acknowledge it and watch what happens to that emotion after you have detached yourself from it. Mindfulness meditation is excellent for changing behaviours, dealing with depression, stress, fear, or negative emotions as it makes you be in that moment with them. The past has gone, the future is yet to be, so all you have is the present. Your body and mind will become more peaceful and you will be able to deal with your everyday lives in a calm manner. ‘Quiet the mind and the soul will speak’ MaJaya Sali Bhagawali A meditation session will last an hour. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. You will sit or lie depending on what is comfortable for you.


1st appointment 75 minutes £45.00
2nd appointment 60 minutes £40.00


I am a practising massage therapist with over 22 years of experience and have trained in various forms of this therapy.
There are many reasons why you might need a massage, ranging from relief from the stresses and strains of modern life to just taking time out from your busy schedule. You may be experiencing stiffness and pain from an old or new injury. Keen sportspersons may have a sports related injury or just want help in keeping their bodies in prime condition to achieve their best.

Whatever the reason you seek out a massage it can change you by putting the balance back into your life!

Massage can help the following:

Sciatica and lower back problems
Ease emotional and physical trauma
Sports Injuries
Frozen shoulder
Helps lower blood pressure
Improves Mobility
Boosts immunity
Improves circulation
Helps improve asthma and breathing difficulties
Breaks down cellulite
Neck pain

These are just a few of the problems that massage can help.

I practise the following massage types:

Based on Swedish massage techniques and can be soothing or invigorating depending on your requirements as a client. As a Therapist I look at the body as a whole.

This form of massage is generally deeper than the Holistic massage and works deeper into the muscles and connective tissue targeting specific areas of tension or injury, improving mobility and reducing pain.

I view this massage as an essential part of an exercise regime. Based on a combination of remedial and holistic massage I also incorporate stretching and acupressure within this treatment as well. Sports massage can also be used a prevention as well as aiding the body’s natural intuitive healing.

This is a light soothing massage which is used in conjunction with aromatherapy oils. During your health check we will have a discussion on what oils are best suited to your needs and what scents you are drawn to.

A 20 minute seated clothed, massage on neck, head, arms and back. Using acupressure techniques and rolling the muscles to release tension and anxiety but also stimulates and balances the body and increases energy.

Before your first treatment, I will complete a health check with you. This is taken on your first appointment so I know the best way to treat you as an individual. We will also discuss your requirements and expectations from the massage. All information is confidential.

Treatment duration and Prices:

1st appointment 75mins £45.00
2nd appointment 60mins £40.00


Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness, whereby you access your inner potential via your subconscious mind. It is a therapeutic method of healing the mind and body while in a deeply relaxed state of mind. You will be aware of everything that is said or done during the session. What we say to ourselves and how we think determines how we feel and act and ultimately it becomes our everyday reality. Hypnotherapy allows us to become more focused on the positive in our lives and brings about a clear state of mind. Then we are able to gain powerful insights into the deep inner workings of our mind and body . While you as a client are in a deep state of relaxation, I, as your therapist will use different types of analytical techniques to uncover problems or blocks within your subconscious mind. This will then help you move from the past problems that are holding you back, to the future, free of your past issues. I became interested in Hypnotherapy 12 years ago when I had tried all methods of giving up smoking without success. Eventually, I went to a Hypnotherapist to help me stop. It worked! I then went onto train in hypnotherapeutic techniques. I found that combining counselling with the hypnotherapy produced a very powerful therapeutic medium and enabled my clients to change their lives quickly and effectively.

What can I expect in a session?

We will have a chat about your expectations of the session then I will take a detailed personal history so that I know how to work with you. I will explain how Hypnotherapy works using visualisation techniques and suggestions via you being in a deeply relaxed state. I, as a therapist cannot make you do anything against your will. You are in control of the situation at all times. You will be able to communicate with me throughout the session. Combined with various psychotherapeutic techniques, life coaching and the power of suggestion and, you as a client willing to change your habits, Hypnotherapy can have lasting effect on your life. If you are not willing to change and help yourself on the road to recovery then hypnotherapy will not work for you. It is not an easy fix and it does require effort. You have to WANT CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE!

Who can be Hypnotised?

Anyone and everyone can be hypnotised. It is all down to whether you as a client are willing to allow it to happen and then let it happen. If you can daydream, get lost in a book, a film, or get absorbed watching a game of sport, then you can be hypnotised. What issues can hypnotherapy help with? Addictions, Phobias, unwanted habits (nail biting, thumb sucking, teeth grinding etc .) Grief, panic attacks, guilt, depression, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, shyness, anger, IBS, insomnia, nightmares, pain relief, childhood trauma, fear of public speaking, fear of examinations, weight loss, smoking, migraine. Hypnotherapy can also assist in relationship problems etc. This is just a small list of issues that I cover. If your particular problem does not appear on the list and you would like more information on how I can help you please feel free to ring and we can explore your needs in more depth.


1st session 90 mins £50.00
2nd session 60 mins £40.00
Hypno-thin and gastric banding (3 sessions ) £150.00
Giving up smoking (3 sessions ) £150.00

Be still and know.




Each of us is immortal … our souls live forever.

–Brian Weiss

Therapy Room Hire

Natural Intuition
Bridget Carter
Danesfield Drive
01568 614952 / 07800998294


Ring Bridget to find out about hiring the room.



All groups and classes will be held at The Halt, Danesfield Drive, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8HW.
If you want to book a place on the courses please ring Bridget on 07800998294  or 01568 614952.
New workshops to be added shortly. Follow me on Facebook for up to the minute info!


Beginners Psychic Development Group

Wednesday 18 Feb to Wednesday 25 march 2015
6 weeks of all things psychic I will be teaching you how to work with energies, reading aura’s and chakras, meeting and working with your spirit guides, dowsing, psychometry & divination. Come and have fun and meet like minded people.
Course held at Natural Intuition Therapy Centre Leominster 7-9pm £40.00 for the course


Healing Group

There will be a healing group held on the 1st Monday of every month starting 3/2/14.
This will be a Free group to learn and develop your intuitive healing skills and working on invited guests who could benefit from healing.

Beginners Psychic development

Looking at the basics of working with your intuition ,tuning in-to spirit, meeting spirit guides and much more.

Beginners Tarot Classes

Learning the tarot what the cards mean, major and minor arcana, learning spreads and be able to read for a sitter.

Basics Of Witchcraft

Learning the basics of the old ways, spells, candle magic, knot magic, use of herbs, Sabbats, how to use an altar, the moon and much more.

Psychic Pamper Parties

Are you looking for something different for a Hen Party, Birthday treat, girl’s night (or boy’s night, all welcome) or a corporate event?

How about finding out a little more about you and your future, as well as having time to relax. So why not indulge your inner and outer self with a Psychic Pamper package.

We can offer you bespoke packages to suit your needs. You can choose from a list of therapies back/neck massage, foot/hand massage, reflexology, Reiki, Cranial sacral therapy, meditation, past life regression plus and or Tarot/Angel card reading.


You might prefer to have a spiritual evening or day and explore your mind, body and spirit. We will put together a spiritual/psychic/relaxation package that will include physical therapies and an introduction to exploring your psychic abilities.


Basic package would start at £15.00 per person this will include a 15 min treatment or 15min tarot/angel card reading.

We cater for a min of 4 people plus host and can be at a venue of your choice or we can find a venue and provide catering for you.

If you have any questions regarding our services or how the party plan would work for you please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements on 07800998294.

Travelling expenses may be incurred depending on location of your party but you will be advised at the initial booking stage.



My family and I, young and old, have been visiting Bridget on and off for over ten years. She has been brilliant at dealing with sporting injuries, sudden back complaints and children’s poor walking habits as well as with a very long standing shoulder injury which no one had been able to treat successfully before. She will tell you when she thinks you are better and only suggest you return for another appointment if it is thought really necessary. Bridget is a lovely person to visit. She is kind, interesting and caring and we are very glad to have found her.


I would like to say a big thank you to Bridget for sorting the problem with my back, my lower back improved a great deal after having a massage. On Friday morning when I woke up the area worked on felt tender and slightly painful but nothing to concern me. However, by later in the day the whole area felt ever so much better. I was able to, move around with ease rather than in pain and was after one session.


For me personally, Craniosacral Therapy has been a lifeline for my daughter over the last couple of years. When conventional medical treatment had nothing to offer, and only served to make her condition tolerable, and doctors had given up trying to help, one of the few treatments that has given her a reasonable relief from the pressure of her glue ear has been Craniosacral Therapy. Thank you so much for your help Bridget.


This is just a note to express my thanks. I am having therapy with Bridget and wanted to say that the sessions are really helping to me understand how to deal with my anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Bridget is very helpful and compassionate and helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems on a day-to-day basis. She has also taught me the skills to disregard my negative thought patterns effectively and I am very grateful for the support, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult period in my life. I am so pleased I found Natural Intuition and Bridget she really is a lifeline in my life.



I have been to Bridget many times for a reading. To begin with I was nervous and didn’t truly believe in it. However, on the very first reading Bridget did for me, after I wrote it all down so I could remember it, and everything she told me that would happen did. I mean everything. I then went back for a second time and third and fourth. Her tarot psychic has really helped me through some tough times in my life and helped me make sense of it. I would recommend Bridget to anyone who wants a reading done. Her accuracy is truly amazing and correct every single time, she makes you feel at ease and is a wonderful person to trust.

I have been attending the psychic development course for a few years now. Bridget has helped me to meditate and explore my spiritual journey, in a safe and comfortable environment. I have previously attended other groups, whose knowledge has been very limited, (unless they personally liked the subject!) Bridget’s knowledge base is astonishing! Her teachings are both informative and fun!! She encourages us to explore new experiences, even when it is out of our comfort zone! I would have never realised my potential, especially in Psychometery if it hadn’t been for Bridget. She is one amazing lady!



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